Architecture & Engineering Consultancy

I-TPS’s architecture division has had an early beginning that started in 1960. Originally known as international consultant group (ICG),This division received great success over the years covering projects from residential and housing projects to full scale commercial enterprises.

ICG’s various lines of business includes but is it not limited to conceptual designs,  interior and exterior designs, landscaping and developing master  plans. Although ICG has immersed itself in a plethora of businesses, it is proud to be the distinguished owners of a track record that exceeds fifty hotels and resorts, hundreds of residential compounds, shopping malls and entertainment centers.

I-TPS has designed, managed & supervised several projects in Saudi Arabia , Gulf & Sham counties, to be one of the well known Architectural consultants in the middle east .


Project Managment

ITPS provides project management consultancy services, supporting the investor to do manage his project in professional way, starting from preliminary studies down for the project closure, passing by all project management procedures such as right initiation, perfect planning, monitored implementation and results evaluation.

Concept Designs

is considered the most important part of creating a project identity, ITPS do care to mix the unique shape and the profitability values. This is through using our experience to provide effective practical area program, 3D Visualization, and layout studies that can lead the project to the best results at both functional and operational levels

Work Shop Drawings

To be sure that the project will be implemented as perfect like design concept, we provide all about detailed drawings supported with all technical information for project Construction purpose and also for official municipality needs, in addition to tender documents preparation, including materials bill of quantities, technical specification, contracting agreement conditions and cost budget estimate that can help the investor to go through the project feasibility study.

Engineering Studies

To have project total solution, we are managing and coordinating all Integrative works which are considered very essential for project perfect completion, cooperating with professional specialists – In their respective fields – including Structural, Electro-mechanical and Landscaping studies and all other consultancies

Commercial Projects

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In commercial projects design process, we focus on not only the unique façade and interior design , but also on the way of how the project can meet all the marketers’ needs through the consideration of the layout perfection including commercial prime locations, smooth walked-through flow paths, attraction points, feasible areas and spaces, services efficiency
This type of projects includes – for examples – shopping malls, mega stores, shopping corners & kiosks, separate or compound shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafés

Adminstrative & Office Buildings

15-Khartoum Complex  (3)

we do believe that administrative buildings are playing outstanding role in every successful business, so it`s important to be designed and built carefully to meet all business kinds needs at the level of location, orientation, areas flexibility, cars accessibility & parking facilities and services efficiency
This type of projects includes – for examples – administrative towers, administrative compounds, particular administrative areas that designed according to the location needs and standard, this can be created as multi-story open areas, separate small units, standalone villas

Residential buildings and Comunities

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No doubt that the main aim of residential buildings designs is the human comfort, privacy and security, which are the fundamental targets for communities social peace, this is making us taking in our consideration all social and environmental aspects in addition to architectural bases during design process in order to meet all population levels variable needs, targeting – under any case – the suitable honorable and comfortable living environment
This type of projects is built for residential or touristic purpose includes – for examples – palaces, luxury villas, small villas (separate or complex), villas compound, residential towers, and block of flats compounds, in addition to penthouses, chalets, and studios

Amuesment Projects

34-Sky Line 1

The amusement projects – in our point of view – are considered not only tools for play, but also they are serious tools for entertainment, culture and edutainment for all population ages and standards, and because it`s one of our important core business, this kind of projects are handling through qualified professional team considering, the most recent tools and international standards at the level of design concept, layout distribution, games & location theme, supplying, installing, amusement consultancy, maintenance and operation
This type of projects includes – for examples – In-Outdoor Theme parks, water parks, entertainment zones, Youth Adventure attractions , and Family Entertainment Centers.